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The time goes by.

“Whoah-oh, I know what you’re up to.” David said laughingly as Pierre took a childish look at David and pouted. They’re lying in the bed together in a ‘bed-hug-position’. They’re half-naked and David keeps fondling Pierre’s chest that is perfectly toned and worked out. Even the abs he has are pretty hot.

“Give me kiss,” Pierre pouted again and sobbed by intent. “You’re gonna bite me,” David hid his face and buried into Pierre’s chest. “Come on, I wanna make out, sweetie,” Immediately David got his head up and pecked his lover’s nose. It made them both smile heartily.

“I love you so much, Pierre,” David said seriously and kissed him endlong again with his eyes closed. “I love you, too, Davie. I hope you know.” They snuggled up and Pierre thought where he would be if he hadn’t the chance to meet David – love of his life. He has changed his life forever.

“You’re my angel sent from above.” Pierre started talking what David means to him. He means the whole world. David was just giving him a smile that shone as brightly as some distant star. “I’m right where I belong just when I’m with you.” David was cuddling up to Pierre with a wide and hearted smile on his face.

“You just filled up the empty space that was in my heart. There’s no possible way that I could describe my love to you with. I’d do everything just to see you smile, just to be able to take you up to the moon and back. I just… love you endlessly.” Pierre kissed David’s forehead.

“I adore you so much, my dear. I’m happy that I have you.” This is exactly how true love should be like. Two people in a love relationship that appreciate one another. They both smiled heartily.

Suddenly Pierre’s lips moved swiftly to David’s neck and the touch of his hot breath on David’s cold skin shot through his mind in burning lines. Pierre just bit David’s neck skin then higher to just under his jaw. David just moaned silently. From then on it was just so much nice.

Pierre undid a few buttons of David’s pants, kissing his neck still. His breath warmed David’s neck. A seductive smile played across their lips. The feel of skin on skin is really nice.

They started kissing passionately while David was running fingers through Pierre’s hair. He felt nervous a bit before a wave of feeling comfortable and safe flooded them both. Pierre then, was hovering above David’s body, letting his hands slide down over his broad chest, his fingers mapping the planes of his muscles all the way down. It was a really passionate and exciting moment as they both got into it before David pulled away and whispered against Pierre’s lips resolutely: “I’m all yours.” Pierre just smiled and continued.

Pierre rewarded him with a peck kiss before they undressed one another and David turned around. Both of them knew what was following on. And both of them were ready, for real. Pierre got goose skin as he touched David’s hips from behind. David just leaned on his elbows, grasping the pillow that was placed on the bed in front of him.

The very first feeling they both had was being afraid of not screwing up this moment. As Pierre thrust into David, he was overpowered by pain. Pierre was really soft and slow at the beginning. Truth be told, he was afraid a bit.

David’s body tightened as Pierre’s thrusts came faster, more insistent. He slid his hand over one curved hip, over the smooth skin of David. He thrust much faster and knew that it was coming.

David clenched his fists and groaned quite loudly as Pierre let the orgasm into him. Suddenly Pierre lifted his head up and moaned as well, holding David’s hips gently. Then David was floating, all of the tension draining away as he collapsed in Pierre’s arms. He hugged his sweetie against his chest, kissing his neck. 

They were lying there next to each other for a quite long while, breathing in and out slowly and deeply. Suddenly David said a sentence Pierre will never forget: “It was the best experience of my life. Thank you, Pierre,” their eyes met and smile appeared on their faces. Pierre just pulled his love into a love-hug. “I’m glad you could be the first one I made love to. I love you, my teddy-bear.” Pierre kissed his forehead again before they snuggled up again and fell asleep.


It was 3 a.m. and Kayden came home from where he spent the most time of the night – t’was a messed up night club. He smashed a few things around before he was reeling down the hallway. His head was spinning all the time.

David either Pierre heard some rustling in the corridor. “You heard that?” David asked silently and looked into the bright lights of Pierre’s eyes that David could see in the darkness. “I did. Kayden is here.” Pierre gave him a response…

…It was before the door shot open and Kayden appeared in the doorway. Each of them was confused and frightened. “What the heck are you doing here?! You were fucking all night long, right? So why not, I wasn’t here so you could do what you dream of all the time, hah! You poofs!” Kayden shouted out and had to hold onto the door frame to not fall down.

Pierre either David was dumbfounded while Kayden was enjoying the humbling of them. “You highly-sexed pigs!” He wasn’t about to stop and Pierre took measures to do something about it. He crawled out of the bed. “And that’s enough. Get out of the bedroom and go right up to your room. You smell like shit by all the booze you have inside. Get up, Kayden!” Pierre almost screamed and led him out of the bedroom.

“You WON’T tell me what I should do!” “You don’t have yourself under control. Get out, really.” The expression in Pierre’s face said it all – he was angry like never before. “If my gay father can fuck you why couldn’t I? I just bonked one pretty hot chick!” Pierre’s eyes widened and just hoped that David couldn’t hear it. “Okay, get right to your room and don’t dare to do any bullshit. Good night!” Pierre whisper-shouted and closed the behind Kayden.

“Is everything okay, sweetie? What did he tell you?” David asked carefully while Pierre was getting in the bed under the blanket. He was in two minds if he should tell him what exactly Kayden told him about ‘fucking a girl’ or not. It was a really terrible report. Should David know it? Or, shouldn’t he?

“Well, nothing interesting. It’s gonna be okay tomorrow. He’ll wake up with a huge hangover.” Pierre joked and they both giggled a bit before they rested their heads on the pillow, cuddled up and David said: “I hope so.”


3 weeks later

A few weeks have passed since the day of Pierre’s moving into David’s house. Kayden wasn’t in, for sure, but in the upshot he just had to take it even if it was against his wishes.

There were many troubles in school caused by him again. He’s broken a window, hasn’t come to school, hasn’t studied for the upcoming exams and too many other kinds of disgraceful behavior. Once he was caught in the act of smoking on the toilets. It has brought David to his knees.

It’s Monday and the first time of Pierre trying to surprise David by making breakfast at the same time. He managed to make it really good, he thought. The eggs weren’t burnt, the bacon neither. He made a perfect breakfast – David has never seen anything more amazing than a boy cooking breakfast. It’s really nice to see a boy at a cooktop, though.

“Oh, good morning, beautiful. Hope you slept well.” Pierre said and kissed David’s lips with a smile. “Good morning, honey,” he was really confused about the situation he was in. “Wait… you… are cooking?” He asked and raised an eyebrow. “Yes! Here it is. Breakfast à la Pierre.” He put the plates on the table while David was giggling. “What’s up? Sweetie, I just tried to make your day better.” Pierre said and went to David, wrapping his arms around his waist. “I’m sure it’s delicious.” David bit his lower lip before kissing Pierre passionately.

“I love you, my chief cook,” David teased a little before Pierre slapped his ass like revenge. “Hey, I didn’t burn it, David. You should be proud of me.” Pierre said victoriously before they both laughed.

“So, bon appetite, sweetie.” “I wish the same to you.” They kissed and started eating. As David tasted the first piece, he was flying high on could nine. “Yum, it’s damn delicious, Pierre.” David said, licking his lips. “I just found out that you’re the best cook, sweetie,” he said and gave him a roguish smile. “Oh, it’s honor for me.” They kissed again.

The clock is showing 7:35 a.m. – time for Kayden to get up and go to school. He’s going down straight to the kitchen. He can barely see with the sleepy puffy eyes. “Morning,” he greeted before Pierre got up from the chair and went towards the kitchen unit. “Hey, I made breakfast for you.” Pierre handed him a small plate with what he has prepared.

“Is it made by you?” Kayden asked and looked into Pierre’s eyes for a moment. Pierre hesitated for a while before stuttering: “Well, yes. I just wanted to-“ “I’m not hungry, then.” Kayden snapped and tried to get out of the kitchen. But David took him by his sleeve. “Calm down, Kayden. It won’t kill you so sit right here and take it, yes?” David said kinda calmly and his son took advantage of it. “But I’m not in, you know? I won’t be a friend of his, I won’t! He’s just a…” “Um? What’s up, what you wanted to say?” David cut him in in a thought he would burn him.

Kayden looked at him maliciously. “He’s a … I found his problem. He’s a fucking dumbass.” David’s mouth dropped down and his eyes were flooded with tears. Pierre was just standing there with a desire to do something about it but… what can be done?

“Excuse me?” David asked as if he couldn’t believe his own ears. “You know, when I look at him I’m like: Oh really? Is this the sperm that won?” Kayden looked at Pierre when he was finishing the last part of the sentence. David didn’t know how to react this time. Pierre did. “Don’t you think you should have respect towards adults? If you act like this all the time so I feel sorry about your dad. Poor him. You should use your head before talking shits.” “You’re the last person I want to listen to. Stop being in my face!” Kayden took a baguette and walked out of the kitchen.

“Don’t dare to go anywhere else but to school, Kayden!” David managed to say at least something like this. He kept tears out. “Not bloody likely!” David’s son snapped again and walked away.

“Is THIS damn normal?! He keeps acting like his mother and I can’t take it anymore. What the heck is it?!” David punched the table with his fist before hiding his face into his palms, sobbing. “He’s awfully brazen-faced. It’s like he-“ “But I tried, Pierre! I did my best to bring him up in a good way!” Suddenly David got his head up and looked at Pierre. He was a little taken aback when David shouted it out.

“I know you’re a good father. That’s why I don’t understand why he acts like this.” Pierre said firmly, looking into David’s eyes seriously. David burst into tears – that’s a common thing lately. Pierre had fellow feeling. He sobbed and said: “Come on, honey,” David got up immediately and snuggled up into Pierre’s warm hug.

“I don’t really know how to make him have a think about himself. I can’t hang on anymore.” David said to Pierre’s shoulder, cuddling up even more. “Shh, come on. I’m here by your side and you know it. Anytime, okay? We just have to show him how he should behave. There’s a huge question mark ‘how’, but… we can do it, darling.. We can.” Pierre encouraged his sweetie and kissed his forehead.


“I’m thinking about your moving lately. I just can’t get it out of my head.” David said a decision they both were thinking about for a long time, sitting next to him in the car as they met up in front of David’s workplace. As soon as Pierre glimpsed him, he gave him a sweet kiss and a sweet box again. It’s a common thing for him to let his baby have something for making the day better.

And as for the moving – Pierre and David agreed on Pierre’s moving to David’s house. The reason why is too simple – they just want to spend the most time by being together but there’s a massive problem – and it’s Kayden. How would he react? What would he say? What would he do about it? And simply, how would they even tell him about it? There are so many question marks.

And by the way, it’s an ordinary that Kayden doesn’t listen to his father. It’s like a daily routine that Kay runs away from home just to get roaring drunk and get high. But damn, he’s just 15! Is it normal that 15-year old boy being brought up by the most amazing and kindest father ever is so incredibly disobedient? Maybe there’s one reason – he probably inherited the worst habits from his mother who is who knows where.

“If you think it’s a bad idea so we can let it be, honey.” Pierre said and looked into David’s eyes. David just could see the disappointment in his love’s eyes. David breathed out heavily. “Pierre, you know I’d LOVE having you by my side. I want you to live there with us but the only problem is Kayden. I care about nothing else.” He looked into Pierre’s eyes for a moment. “Ok, we can let it go just-“ “Kayden has to get over it… I have to deal with his dirty tricks so now it’s his turn. Whether he likes it or not.” David decided and looked at Pierre with a smile. “There you go!” Pierre gave him a smile and hugged him.


“I’m curious about how it’s gonna be.” David cuddled up, waiting for his son to come back home from school. “Let’s hope it will turn out well. It couldn’t get worse I guess.” Pierre tried to cheer him up a bit before they both heard a sound of unlocking the front door.

Kayden’s going down the hallway straight to the kitchen speechless. He doesn’t often talk to his father since the day he got the report of his dad being gay. “Hey, Kayden,” David was the first one who greeted. If he didn’t – there’d be total silence.

“Hey, something to eat here?” He asked and took a look at his father in the living room. But there was sitting even the guy Kayden hated the most. “What the fuck is the asshole doing here?” “Leave it off, dear, okay? He’s on a visit here.” David stuttered the last sentence, taking a look at Pierre.

“Just a visit? Poor excuse.” Kayden turned back and went towards the fridge. Suddenly David spoke up: “Pierre’s gonna move in here.” His son stopped by, motionless. He just turned around and David knew what was following on. “Are you fucking kidding me?!” Kayden’s face was flooded with disgust and aversion. “It’s a damn stupid joke.” “That’s not a joke. He’s gonna live with us. That’s it.” David decided firmly. “I don’t feel like standing under the same rooftop with this fucker!” Kayden shouted out. “Can you stop talking shits, Kayden?! Don’t be rude, yeah?” David felt better about discussing with his son.

“You have two choices: me or him.” David’s son felt like stirring up debate. David grimaced and stood up, letting Pierre sit there still. He didn’t know what to do. At all. “Hey, get over yourself. It’s really stupid to do this. Maybe you don’t like it but Pierre IS gonna live here and end of my speech. You don’t know him at all and judge all the time. Let him show up to you, Kayden. He’s a nice boy, I’m sure you’re gonna like him.” David took a look at his love sitting on the couch as he heard a voice saying: “Well, I don’t even have to take a quick look at him and I know who he exactly is… He’s a fag, dad, and I’m not about talking to him. NEVER!”

David got pissed. He got pissed as never before. Even Pierre hasn’t seen him be so angry. “Fine, you don’t give me a choice. Kayden, get real and go up to your room! Right now. I’m not gonna discuss about it. Just you have to understand that even I have the right to like someone. And for me it’s Pierre so… he’s gonna be here and that’s it.” He said firmly, looking into his son’s eyes. “Fine.” Kayden snapped angrily and got up to his room.

David swallowed thickly as the door of Kay’s room slammed. He was standing there motionless. There was deafening silence. “Is that a good idea still?” Pierre asked quietly, looking at David who was standing in the middle of the living room without a single movement. “It is but I didn’t tell him in the right way. Maybe if I told him in some other way it would turn out better.” David took the blame on himself before turning round at Pierre who stood up. “David, are you sure you want me here?” “I love you, sweetie. And I love my son. And I just can’t choose one of you two. Anyways, it’s a really nice imagine to be here together as a family.” He said and looked down.

Pierre wrapped his arms around David’s waist, resting his head on his shoulder. “Who knows, in my opinion it will be okay. I think he’ll get used to being with me and then we’ll be friends maybe.” David turned around, smiling at Pierre. “I’m so hard pressed to bring him up. I’m all alone, Pierre, all his life. He’s been growing up just with me and I wasn’t good enough. Just to care about a baby-boy when I was just 20 years old, it’s… it’s kinda impossible.” David burst into tears, snuggling up to Pierre. “It’s definitely not your fault, sweetie. You did your best, I know it.” Pierre was stroking the back of his neck, calming him down just with ‘hush’. “And the worst thing about it is that he has all the typical features and personality trait like his mother.”


David’s phone rang while he was filling out a questionnaire at work. He sighed as he glimpsed the well-known number on the display: School principal Parker.

“Good morning, Mr Parker.” David tried to sound quite normally but the fear in his voice was truly evident. “Good morning, Mr Desrosiers. It’s really hard to talk about it again but it’s almost a daily routine, isn’t it? Hah… I’d need you to come to the principal’s office as soon as possible.” David just leaned on his back, sighing and rubbing his tired out eyes. “What has he done again? Isn’t he at school again or something?” He asked despondently. “No by a long sight… let’s meet up and I’ll tell you, okay? So, when shall we meet?” The principal asked. It was just a common issue that David had to come to the office as he does now. “I’m really pressed for time now so, we could meet this afternoon at umm.. 4 p.m.?” “Yes, agreed. I’ll be waiting here. See you later.” “Later.”  

As David hung up he just smashed all the papers around with words: “Oh, Jesus!” It wasn’t for the first that Kayden did something wrong. He’s a really act-up boy.


“Nor do not put the bag down and come here right now!” David said with anger and got up of the couch, coming to the hallway. “It’s a damn rotten luck but I’m coming up to my room.“ “Stop acting like a primitive and come on right now, I said!” David lost his nerve. “What’s the fuck is up, dad?!” His quite unbelievably brash son shouted out, walking straight to the living room where David was waiting and his usually strong nerves were leaving.

Kayden leaned on the door frame, chewing like a show-off. “Can you explain me what happened at school that you had to beat that boy up? Shit, Kayden, what’s wrong with you? He was bleeding and now he’s in the hospital dead-beaten up! Do you have a good reason or a good clarification? So what?!” David screamed while looking at his son, having a face like thunder. But what about Kayden? He was completely easy about it.

“So what?! Talk to me, Kayden. I have no patience now. It’s enough, don’t you think? What happens next? Will you kill anyone or WHAT?!” “Hey, I don’t care what you say. I just don’t give a shit. The guy was just a son of a bitch!” David’s eyes filled with tears. “And whatever, I’m out.” He added and David took his hand before Kayden pulled it out briskly. “Don’t touch me!” “You’ll stay in here, dear and will study as you’ve never done before. I don’t want you to fail the exam again.” “I’m sick of you telling me what I should do. Fuck it all!” He got out of the room and went straight to the front door. “Come back, Kayden. It’s not over!” David tried to stop him but it was too late.

Kayden ran out.


It wasn’t for the first time that Kayden did something like that. It’s a really common thing lately. David just doesn’t know what to do about it. His son is really out of control. David just can’t subjugate him.

There was a time he talked it out with a friend of his. It felt really awkward to talk about it with Pierre. He found it really embarrassing. What if Pierre would think about him something like he can’t bring his son up?


“I’m gonna smear you with the honey.” David said and smeared Pierre’s nose with it while Pierre was holding him with his left tattooed arm. They were smiling all the time. “Oh, you little devil. Bet the revenge will be really sweet.” Pierre bit his lower lip and did the ambiguity he talked about. He smeared the honey all around David’s mouth. “Oh, you provoker.” They were laughing and smearing the honey all over their bodies.

Pierre just felt the lust to take off David’s shirt. He was looking into his eyes with an imploring look. David got it and just nodded shortly to tell him to go on.

Pierre undressed his baby, kissing his incredibly sweet lips. He lay him down on the couch, kissing still. He just couldn’t stop doing it. The desire was way stronger. The way their bodies fit together is excellent. Their torsos were really well coordinated and were moving together lightly.

“Hey, I feel like going ou-“ Kayden’s sentence wasn’t finished. Pierre even David sat up as quickly as possible and brazened it out. Actually, David’s undressed shirt said it all. He managed to dress up quickly.

Kayden’s mouth dropped down at the sight of them. “Well, this should mean that… my dad is a fag?!” He said wide-eyed and dropped-mouthed. David just took a look at Pierre nervously. Both of them swallowed thickly. “Well, Kayden, I think it’s time for me to-“ “And you make no secret of it, right? Okay…  I DON’T WANNA BE A SON OF A QUEER!” Kayden shouted out and decided to run away from the house.

Immediately David got up and hurried in his son’s direction. “Kayden, wait! Where are going?!” “Wherever just to not be with my gay-father. Yuk, it’s disgusting you fuck twenty-five-year old chap!” He screamed, took his jacket and opened the front door in a hurry. “You’re going nowhere, Kay. STOP!” David was screaming at his son to come back but to no effect.

David was in tears. Suddenly his shoulders were held by Pierre’s hands. It made him turn around. As Pierre glimpsed David’s teary eyes he just knew what to do. “Come on, Davie,” Pierre pulled him into a tight and warm embrace. “It goes from bad to worse.” David buried his face into his love’s shoulder, sobbing. “Have no fear, sweetie. It will turn out well. I promise.” “My son hates me, Pierre. He hates me more than ever before.” David was crying his heart out. “But he’s old enough to understand it, isn’t he? It’s gonna be okay, dear.” Pierre calmed him down while stroking through his hair.

“Look at me.” Pierre said and rested his hands on David’s cheeks, raising up his head. David had a frightened and tearful look. “I’ll do everything possible to make this better, okay?” Pierre pressed his lips against his ones to feel his kiss again. Then he stroked his cheeks and they both went back home together with a really bad feeling about Kayden.


David was coming to the door to answer it as he heard the ringing doorbell. He knew it was Pierre. But it took him a long time before he reached the door just because he tried to chase away the bad feeling he had about his son being out of control.

“Oh, hello, Pierre, I’m glad you came,” David said and smiled before Pierre responded: “Hi, beautiful,” and kissed the back of David’s hand. It was his often repeated manoeuvre. But David likes it, it’s true. It feels like in a fairy tale.

“Come on in,” David said and led Pierre to the living room. “Take a seat. Would you like some wine?” David asked while Pierre was coming to David’s well-designed room. His eyes widened as he glimpsed all the color harmony. He made a sound like ‘yeah’ and didn’t stop inspecting the room. “The house is really beautiful, David. I like it.” Pierre said wide-eyed and open-mouthed. “I’m glad you like it.”

“Who’s the boy in the picture?” Pierre asked as he went by a shelf full of photos. There was a pic with David and some boy with him. He was bearing a striking resemblance to Davie. David was just carrying glasses of wine in there. “Oh, well, that’s my son.” As David finished the sentence Pierre’s heart stopped beating. “Yo-your son?” He stuttered confused and looked at David. “Yes. I haven’t told you?” It puzzled him, too. “You haven’t.” Pierre was really shocked. Even if he got this report, deep inside he tried to put together small pieces of hope of this boy being a brother or someone else. But he wasn’t.

“Wait, wait, so… how old is he?” Pierre asked and sat down, sipping the wine. David sat as well and leaned on his back. “He’s 15… 15 years old.” David replied and hoped Pierre wouldn’t be mad at him. “And… where’s his mother?” Pierre wondered if he could ask this but the lust to know it was way too much stronger. David was a little taken aback and dumbfounded. He lowered his eyes, rubbing his hands nervously. “You know… I don’t know where his mother is.” Pierre couldn’t understand it. “Is it something touching?” “Yes, I would… I would hate to talk about it, you know. Maybe I’ll tell you later.” David said and closed his eyes for a moment. “Yes, I understand, so… we can talk about it anytime you want, okay? I’m not forcing you to do anything.” Pierre said and stroked David’s cheek with a smile. “Thank you.”

As soon as the situation set at ease, they both were having a good time. Pierre succeeded in making him laugh. But it wasn’t without compliments. David got another plenty of them. Even Pierre got some in return.

….”Anyways, thank you for making my day much better, Pierre.” David said seriously with a smile, looking into Pierre’s beautiful eyes. “My pleasure. I just want to make you smile, to be the reason of your smile.” Pierre said and removed his hand on David’s one gently. David took a notice of it, smiling a bit. Suddenly they were looking into each other’s eyes.

“I completely fell for you, Davie.” Pierre said in desperation. “You’re crazy, Pie.” Neither of them knew what to do. In the upshot, it was up to Pierre to continue. “David, I’m really desperate ‘cause all I need at this moment is… is to kiss you out right now right here and never stop, just… I wanna have a taste of your lips, to taste them right now. You’re incredible, Davie, I’d love to…-“ Pierre has lost himself in the beauty of David and on the other hand, David couldn’t stand it. He just pressed his lips against Pierre’s. It was a long and sweet kiss.

As they pulled away, they were looking at each other, hand in hand. “I’m sorry, David, but I just can’t stop myself from loving you.” Pierre started kissing him again. This time more and more passionately, stroking through his hair. “I love you, too, sweetie.” David said while Pierre couldn’t stop kissing him.

After a long French kissing, they pulled into a tight embrace. “David, you’re love of my life. I’ll never let you go.” Pierre whispered into David’s ear and a smile appeared on his face. “You’re amazing, Pierre. Thank you for me being able to have you. I love you.” After they confessed the love they felt for each other, they just cuddled up, talking together. It was something David hasn’t felt for a damn long time, well, seriously, he hasn’t had such a great boy in his life ever before so, it was really nice for him to have Pierre by his side.

Both of them heard some noise of cracking stairs. David knew it was his son and was really afraid of what was gonna come.

“Oh, Kayden’s coming.” David said and smiled even if deep inside he hope nothing bad would happen. Pierre was still sitting at the couch sort of calmly. “Oh, shit. Is there anything to eat? I could eat a horse, fuck it.” Kayden said and managed to open the fridge while David was freaking out inside.

“Kayden, can you come here, please? We have a visit.” David said and sat up, letting Pierre’s hand go. Kayden came in the doorway crossed armed, looking at Pierre kinda weirdly. “What’s up?” “Can you please at least say good evening?” David urged and felt rather bad about his son right that time. “Hey, Kayden, nice to meet you.” Pierre got up and gave him a hand but – Kayden wasn’t in. He just took a strange look at his hand, chewing. “Err, Kayden, do it. That’s a common decency to greet.” David urged again, looking at his son. “Hey.” He said under pressure.

Pierre couldn’t understand it at all. How could he be so impolite? “So what’s up with the food? I’m damn hungry!” Kayden shouted out while he was looking at his father, chewing still. “Your dinner is in the oven.” David answered and tried to not think about how bad his son has shown up.

“I’m sorry about his behavior, Pierre,” David said silently. “Shouldn’t I go away? Wouldn’t it be better?” Pierre asked and looked into David’s desperate eyes. “Oh, I think it’d be better just don’t want you to think that I’m expelling you, it’s not like that.” David said with a low voice. “I get it, Davie. I just wish I could meet you again. As soon as possible…” He said and got up of the sofa. “Come on with me. I’m gonna see you off.”

“I’ll text you tonight, okay?” Pierre said, taking David’s hands. “Yeah, I’ll wait up for your message.” Pierre pulled him into a tight embrace, whispering to David’s ear with a nice and sweet voice: “I love you.” It made David smile heartily. “Love you, too, sweetie.” They pulled away and kissed. “So, take care, my love. See you.” “Be careful. Later.” Another kiss was the last thing they did before Pierre walked away.

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